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Daniel Aleman's adult debut, I MIGHT BE IN TROUBLE, has sold, at auction, to Grand Central Publishing! This is a dark comedy about a struggling writer who wakes up to find his date from the night before dead—and must enlist the help of his literary agent to get rid of the body and spin the entire misadventure into his next big book.


Barely a few years ago, David Alvarez had it all: a six-figure book deal, a loving boyfriend, and a bright writing career to look forward to. His debut novel was a resounding success, which made the publication of his second book — a complete flop — all the more disappointing. Now, David finds himself running out of money, desperately single, and trying to come up with a brilliant idea for his third novel — one that will hopefully allow him to redeem himself in the eyes of readers, reviewers, and the entire publishing world.


The issue is, good ideas aren’t easy to come by, and the mounting pressure of a near-empty bank account is not helping. David is nearing the brink of giving up when he meets a handsome stranger on a dating app who seems to have the solution to at least some of his problems: money, loneliness, and… well, horniness. 


Unfortunately for David, his love story is short-lived, because the next morning, he wakes up to find his date’s dead body on his bed. Faced with the possibility that he may have killed him, David calls the one person he trusts in a moment of crisis: his literary agent, Stacey. Together, David and Stacey must get rid of the dead body, cover their tracks, and spin the events of that one crazy morning into a novel — because this could very well be the story David has been looking for all along, and the one that will help him turn his luck around. If only he can find a way to get away with murder first.

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